Jasper Zuidervaart

Jasper Zuidervaart is a Dutch producer, engineer, musician and songwriter. With a great love for the acoustic and electronic domain, he aims to create productions that sound both modern and organic. With a strong believe in the power of a great song, he has a comprehensive and deeply personal approach to production, focussing on songwriting, arrangement, and sound design a well as mixing.

Over the last decade Jasper has worked with artists like Chef'Special, Winne, Kris Berry, Jack & The Weatherman, Celine Cairo, Rilan & The Bombardiers, Teske, and Sean Christopher.

He has won several awards, including Gold awards for production work on Chef'Special's One For The Mrs, Birds and Amigo as well as a State Award for Winne Zonder Strijd by Dutch hiphop artist Winne, which Jasper mixed.


Apart from is work as a producer, Jasper has a heart for the art of mixing. Working on a hybrid setup that offers the best of the analog and digital world, he is eager to get the most out of any production. In mixing, Jasper focusses on bringing out the musicality and vibe of a track while making sure everything shines on a technical level. 


Jasper operates from his private studio, based in Rotterdam. His gear includes a broad collection of musical instruments, high end analog gear and a high quality mic collection. This allows him to work on songwriting, production, (vocal) tracking and mixing. For tracking bands/drums he relies on a broad network of commercial studio's.